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What do we know about Rocky Linux, the RHEL 'fork' developed by the creator of the sentenced CentOS

The news was received like a jug of cold water: Red Hat made public its goodbye to CentOS Linux to focus on CentOS Stream. The strategy changes and the operation of CentOS as a descendant build of its source provider (that is, Red Hat Enterprise Linux) becomes history.

CentOS, specifically CentOS Stream that will be what will remain, will work as a previous compilation. This means that patches and updates will be tested before RHEL arrives.

That is to say, its reliability, stability and compatibility will not be the same.

Rocky Linux is the 'fork' of Red Hat Enterprise Linux developed by the creator of CentOS

Gregory M. Kurtzer, creator of CentOS Linux, was quick to react to the death of his downstream Red Hat Enterprise Linux with an alternative to what was once his creation: Rocky Linux. A new community business operating system, fork from RHEL, designed to be fully compatible with it.

Rocky Linux, the alternative to RHEL, on the move

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The team that is currently working on this new alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux has set a target for the second quarter of the year.

If everything goes according to plan we should have a first version of the project in April, May or June. Rocky Linux is going from strength to strength.

The launch, in addition to taking place in the standard trading regions, will also arrive will provide build availability in China and AWS GovCloud, important for certain specificities of the US market.

Rocky Linux is scheduled for its first version for the second quarter of 2021

CloudLinux and the new Rocky Linux come to the rescue of CentOS users after Red Hat's steering wheel

Amazon Web Services, in any case, will be the main development platform as reported by the head of the Rocky Linux Community, Jordan Pisaniello. It is the one that guarantees them to be able to work with guarantees. "It was chosen primarily to protect the integrity of the Rocky Linux software supply chain," he explains.

The person in charge of organizing and coordinating the different elements that participate in the development has shared other details, although the most important thing is still up in the air.

"A solid, stable and transparent alternative for productive environments, developed by the community for the community"

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Specify the arrival of a release candidate not possible yet, and not for testing on different Rocky Linux key elements. Soon, however, the responsible team has promised to share a roadmap in which the dates are clear.

Transparency, solidity and stability, they assure, will be its pillars. More information to contribute on their website or GitHub. In just 12 days, its forums have received nearly 150,000 page views and a number of companies have pledged to sponsor The Rocky Linux Foundation through developers, hardware, cloud instances and money.