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What can we expect from Android phones in 2021

All of this is what we want the smartphones of 2021 to have.

2020 has been an extremely complicated year for different reasons and despite this, technologically speaking it has been one of the best years we can remember, at least as far as mobile technology is concerned.

Despite all the advances that Android phones have undergone this year, there is no doubt that mobile devices have a lot of room for improvement so we hope that in 2021 all these predictions will be fulfilled that we reveal below.

5G technology in cheaper phones


Rural areas are often the most affected by lack of coverage

Although many consider that 5G is still a 4G but with "new shoes", It must be recognized that this technology is the future, above all for all the advantages it will bring us such as faster data download speed and higher stability.

Although unfortunately 5G has been the perfect excuse to increase the price of the devices. But not only that but also today it is very difficult to find low and even medium range terminals with 5G technology.

Our wish in 2021? That this technology is standardized in all ranges of the market.

Screens with 90 Hz refresh rates

OnePlus Nord in use

The 90 Hz display on the OnePlus Nord justifies its purchase.

Just as smartphones have abandoned outdated technologies like Mini and Micro USB to standardize USB Type-C, Brands need to stop screens with 60Hz refresh rates and start throwing them out at 90 Hz only.

We do not ask for 120 Hz from the high-end but 90 Hz. Because although almost all terminals of more than 400 dollars or euros already have this type of screen (except the POCO F2 Pro for some strange sensation, we want 90 Hz in all the terminals that go on the market, including the lower ranges.

Fast charging on all models

Fast charging on a OnePlus mobile

Fast charging or better batteries? We stay with the first

Good autonomy or fast charging? In our opinion a good charge is always better than a good autonomy and the reason is very simple.

It is useless to have an autonomy of 2 or 3 days if then to charge said battery we hit midmorning, all without forgetting that large batteries generally make phones heavier and larger.

Therefore between our wishes and I hope it happens like this, is that more and more Android terminals have a good fast charge, especially all those low and mid-range devices that have several thousand mAh in their technical specifications.

Cameras under the screen

Xiaomi under screen camera

It will take time to arrive, but the cameras under the screen are the best to take advantage of the entire front of the terminal

No holes in the screen, no pop-up cameras or similar experiments, firms have realized that cameras under the screen They are the best option to take advantage of the entire front of the terminals.

Although there are still not many terminals that have this technology, there is no doubt that 2021 will be the year in which more smartphones we see with cameras under the screen, both mid-range and high-end.

It is possible that we still have to wait for the cheapest devices to integrate this novelty, but arriving will arrive, rest assured.