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what are they and how to use them

Google Maps offers a useful function that aims to replace postal addresses: this is what you should know about Plus Codes or plus codes.

Launched in 2015, Google Plus Codes were born as an attempt to replace classic postal addresses for a simple easy to remember alphanumeric code, thus allowing anyone to have an address, wherever they are.

This technology has evolved, and although they have not replaced addresses, they have become a easy and simple way to share our location. If you are not yet familiar with them, in this guide we explain everything you need to know about Plus Codes or “Plus Codes” from Google Maps.

Plus codes on Google Maps

Plus Codes on Google Maps.

What are Google Maps plus codes and what are they for

As Google itself explained at the time, the Google Maps Plus Codes are location codes generated from the latitude and longitude of a specific place.

Based on this data, Google is able to generate an alphanumeric code much easier to remember and share. These codes have a format similar to “V75V + 8Q”, where the first part of the code corresponds to the area, referring to a region of 100 x 100 kilometers. The second, which usually has six characters, refers to the local area, referring to the neighborhood or building in an area of ​​14 x 14 meters.

Plus Codes, meaning

The meaning of Google Plus Codes.

Each Plus Code has a maximum of 10 characters, and the objective of the initiative, in the words of Google itself, is give everyone a postal addressEven those people who have never had one - about 25% of the world's population, about 2 billion people, do not have an address or it is too difficult to locate.

Besides that, the technology is open source, so that any developer can create their applications based on the principles of Plus Codes, and thus implementing improved location functions.

How to locate the plus code of your exact location

Any location in the world has its own Plus Code, and this can be easily get using Google Maps. It does not matter that the place you are in does not have an associated address, or that it is a place far from civilization.

To locate the plus code of an exact location, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your mobile, or the web version on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  2. Tap on the blue icon that represents your location.
  3. At the top, you will see the information of the place where you are, including the Plus Code corresponding to your position.

If what you want is get the Plus Code from any other location on the map, you just need tap on that place on the map and open the information panel. Thus, within the summary, different information about the place in question will appear, including its plus code.

How to share your plus code

Now that you've gotten your Google Maps plus code, now is the time to share it with the world.

One of the advantages of this type of code is that it can be entered in Google Maps search, and the application will show the exact location corresponding to each code.

To share your Plus Code, the easiest option is to access the your location information following the steps indicated in the previous section, and then touch on the plus code to copy it to the clipboard. Now, you can send it to anyone else through applications such as WhatsApp or Instagram.

On the other hand, keep in mind that if you want to show other people where you are without having to resort to Plus Codes, remember that you can also share your location using Google Maps.