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We tested the new HyperX Cloud Buds, are these on-ear headphones for gamers worth it?

Collar headphones, for gamers? So are the HyperX Cloud Buds.

HyperX is one of the brands specialized in accessories and peripherals gaming best known in the sector, functioning as a special division within the technology giant Kingston, the world's largest independent manufacturer of computer memory.

With these credentials it is normal that in recent years HyperX products have been gaining market, and more in a booming niche like that of gaming, which, year after year reaches historic heights. Thus, since the early 2000s, the brand has been developing different product lines oriented to consumer electronics and especially computing, being one of the main choices both of gamers as from tech enthusiasts.

And like nothing else, but in Andro4all we are freaking out, we have tested for a few weeks one of the most peculiar releases of HyperX, the Cloud Buds, some wireless neck-strap headphones gaming halfway between the high-end Xiaomi Mi Collar Headset and the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 or the Huawei FreeLace.

HyperX Cloud Buds - Full Features

HyperX Cloud Buds
Weight27.5 grams
ConnectivityUSB Type C, Bluetooth 5.0, connection range up to 10 meters
AutonomyUp to 10 hours
SoundHyperX sound with 14mm drivers, 20-20kHz frequency response
OthersBuilt-in multi-function button and microphone, includes 3 pairs of ear pads and carrying bag

Ergonomic game-proof design

HyperX next to keyboard

HyperX Cloud Buds come with up to three pairs of pads.

As soon as we take them out of the box, we notice that we are before headphones that enter through the eyes. With a colored cable Red which immensely reminds us of the aforementioned OnePlus model, the HyperX Cloud Buds do justice to the profile gamer Of the brand.

Regarding the cable, it is necessary to emphasize that it has a considerable thickness and a rubber coating, so it comes with a impeccable resistance and tangle-proof: you can twist them in your pocket or on the mini travel bag that include that they will endure the type like few others. Of course, do not let yourself be carried away by appearances because we are facing headphones that they are not waterproof.

Otherwise the design HyperX Cloud Buds play in favor of comfort and ergonomics, especially thanks to the fact that it comes with three pairs of interchangeable ear pads and the shape and arrangement of its controls, which, located on the left side, are perfect for right-handed and people with “big hands”.

As with many other neck-strap headphones, the cable comes with a special shape that adapts to the user's neckwhile the silicone ear pads on the Cloud Buds have a proprietary design that theoretically achieves a better fit. At this point, I emphasize the "in theory" because although these pads include a special shape (flatter than normal), in my personal case I have not noticed a differential comfort nor a better fit than other similar models.

In fact, when I went out to play sports with the HyperX Cloud Buds, they almost always ended up coming loose from my ears. Likewise, unless you turn up the volume to the maximum, the pads do not offer good sound insulation, a somewhat disappointing detail if we consider that they are headphones for gaming.

Another negative point of the design would be that, although the keypad is perfectly located and includes very practical reliefs (believe me, this is always undervalued), details a little more "premium" are missing, such as the part of the helmets not being all made of plastic or for example the absence of differential functions such as magnet system of the Huawei FreeLace or the OnePlus OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2. In any case, being headphones designed to play for many hours, the low weight of plastic ends up playing in favor of the comfort: I have worn the headphones for 8 hours straight, and like nothing.

Finally, something that yes I found it very interesting is that with a short press on the power button, the headphones inform us of what is your battery level. A more useful feature than it sounds and one that has saved me more than a bummer with the battery.

Its other strengths: more than correct battery and connectivity

HyperX next to mobile

Lightweight and comfortable, the HyperX Cloud Buds exceed 10 hours of battery life without a problem.

Even without reaching the figures of the most direct competition, the HyperX Cloud Buds offer a solid autonomy, in my case, about 12 hours of music playback via Spotify. As far as charging is concerned, this is done via USB-C connection in just over a couple of hours.

Regarding its connectivity, it must be said that they are headphones designed to play, so they are compatible with both your mobile and your favorite console. For the rest, connecting and disconnecting them to the different devices is something that is done in a matter of seconds and with total comfort.

And what about sound? Well, honestly, it more than meets expectations but it is not something so out of the world as to dedicate its own section. Of course, the HyperX Cloud Buds stand out from the cheapest headphones on the market thanks to their "High quality HyperX sound", which comes from Qualcomm's aptX HD. In other words: defined, clean sound, no distortion, slightly enhanced bass… What one expects in a 60 euro headset.

At the microphone level, there are a great one depends on whether you speak indoors or outdoors. In my case, I have not used the microphone for gaming but for calls, and the result has been that while at home my voice is crystal clear, in the street it is easy for the wind to annoy your conversation.

Still, if you are looking for a headset to play at home or telecommute, its high-frequency omnidirectional microphone will offer you, without a doubt, an outstanding result.

Are HyperX Cloud Buds worth buying? How much they cost?

HyperX in neck

The HyperX Cloud Buds microphone is located on the left ear cup.

Having tested them thoroughly, it is unquestionable that HyperX Cloud Buds aren't the perfect headphonesHowever, they may be a more than successful purchase for gamers with very specific needs.

While at the value for money level there may be other clearly more interesting options, we cannot ignore the profile "gamer" of these HyperX headphones. If first of all you are looking for comfortable headphones that you can wear for hours during your gaming sessions And that they also serve to pair with your mobile, for their price, they are, at least, an interesting option.

You can buy HyperX Cloud Buds at Amazon for 59.99 euros or on HyperX's own website for a little more than 60 euros.