is a cross between Reddit and MTV

One of the most attractive points of Reddit is that it allows you to be subscribed to different interests (subreddits) and see them all in the same place, and thus the entries appear ordered by the number of positive votes they have accumulated. is a new platform that claims to be a hybrid between Reddit and MTV, and it can be a great place if you're interested in discovering new video clips, songs, or live performances.

Music genres instead of subreddits

Its creator, Joel Loyol, affirms that this website was born from "his love for Reddit and his experience growing up watching video clips on television." Add that "finding good video clips today is difficult: you start clicking randomly and if you're lucky you find something good. "

That means if you're familiar with Reddit, you'll be familiar with Here also bet on a minimalist design, and we can choose that the posts appear in "card" or "list" view.

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Once we create our user we can give positive feedback or even send our own recommendations. Of course, instead of subreddits, this platform is divided into musical genres:

  • Rap

  • Rock

  • RnB / Soul

  • Instrumental

  • Non-English

  • Experimental

  • Pop

  • Electronic

  • Funk

  • Punk

  • Indie / Alt

  • Folk

In addition to the two types of views that exist, also there is a "television mode", in which the different videos will follow one another automatically and in full screen. This is where the experience can remind you of watching MTV.

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Like any new community, the key point will be that manage to attract a large number of users, and thus feed the platform with interesting content. Its creators say that on "we will find new music, outside the YouTube recommendation bubble."