watch your year 2020 on TikTok

Now you can view your TikTok summary in just a few steps. We show you how to do it Easy!

As is the tradition in the different social networks and digital platforms, when the end of the year approaches, it is possible to access a compilation of the highlights during this time on the platform, either of its own content or the most attractive in general.

This time TikTok has provided #YearOnTikTok so that you can enjoy your statistics within the popular short video platform. If you want to know how to view your 2020 summary within the social network, then keep reading this article.

How to view your 2020 TikTok summary

How to view your 2020 TikTok summary

What is Year on TikTok?

#YearOnTikTok It's about a summary of statistics based on all the content created and shared by you within the popular platform and thus know what your followers liked the most.

What is Year on TikTok

Discover your annual TikTok summary with the new Year on TikTok feature

It is a functionality that is already customary access through the different social networks, since it has been possible to do it in Instagram, Facebook and others more.

How to create and share your annual TikTok summary

If you want to enjoy this summary about your TikTok account, you simply have to complete the following steps that we describe below:

  • Login to your account TikTok.
  • Now go to "Trends" or press the magnifying glass icon and type in the search engine "YearOnTikTok".
How to create and share your annual TikTok summary

Go to the part of "Trends" and locate the search engine magnifying glass

  • Next, you will notice that a banner appears that says "Come see your #Year on TikTok!".
  • Click on the option and you will be able to view your summary of the whole year within the social network. Please note that it only works for certain countries.
So you can create and share your annual TikTok summary

It's that easy to watch the surprise video that TikTok has prepared for you this year

If you want you can share the video clicking on the share icon or you can edit it too. Also, if you decide to share the video publicly on the platform, you will receive a distinctive badge. Of course, you can also download it to share it on other platforms or send it to your friends.

As if that were not enough, you will see all kinds of platform statistics, Like the musical genres what you listened to the most, your registration date on the platform or how many times you have shared content this year. If you don't have it installed yet, don't stop trying this fabulous application, even without having a registered account.

Now yes, it is time that you know your review by the best of this 2020 on TikTok and how your content has been part of its growth and popularity. Have you already tried it?