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Vivo signs with ZEISS and will announce its promising X60 and X60 Pro in a few days

Already in Europe although still settling down, Vivo wants more and is surprisingly preparing its new flag bearers ... The Vivo X60 will use Zeiss optics in their cameras!

We are not going to tell you anything new, because that Alive was going to be ambitious In its European journey it was something that the Chinese manufacturer itself, now based in Düsseldorf to operate with all the laws in our markets, they announced to us in mid-October when they presented a promising Vivo X51 5G and many ideas innovative for an industry hungry for innovation.

Shortly after we met the rest of their catalog, with an above-average mid-range and a very attractive entry-level model in the form of these Vivo Y70 and Vivo Y20s that we showed you in their day in detail, and that took practically nothing to give way to rumors about a new high-end that I'd raise the bar with new Origin OS customization to stage the search for that superlative experience on Android.

That three months later, Vivo was already preparing its new high-end? Well that seems friends, because various European media reported these days that the new Vivo X60 and Vivo X60 Pro are closer than we thought, they would be presented in society even before the end of this year and include a photo surprise.

I live X60

This will be the new Vivo X60, well-known design and superlative camera with the Zeiss signature.

An announcement for next December 29

It may be difficult to understand that With so little time on the market, the Vivo X51 5G is relieved for a new family of smartphones, but the truth is that the Vivo X60 and X60 Pro would be as advanced as their launch will take place, if the sources are reliable, next December 29 in China.

The designs will be continuous, but Vivo hopes to offer that twist that the X51 5G lacked to convince in the noblest range, also opting for some specifications that will surprise you a lot ... Let's review everything we know!

Still cameras with ZEISS optics, 3D stabilization with gimbal and Samsung hardware

Vivo said at the presentation of the X51 5G that Qualcomm's top-performing chipsets were too expensive for the technical improvements that mounting them offered, so they had opted for the more compensated processor with the Snapdragon 765G looking optimize in all that experience.

In this case, we know that Vivo will bet on Samsung hardware and its new X60 Pro would be the first smartphone in the world to incorporate datasheet the new Exynos 1080 chip from the South Korean brandEven before the Samsung Galaxy S21, with its 5 nanometer technology and a lot of power to try to approach the level of the Snapdragon 888.

In addition, a similar design to the current ones is confirmed, with flat screen for the basic model and curved for the 'Pro' in both cases with Gorilla Glass glasses, adopting larger sensors in its camera but maintaining, a priori, that 3D stabilization through gimbal so interesting that Vivo boasted with the X51 5G.

This is where most of the news will be, with a system of triple sensor for the X60 and one with up to four sensors for the X60 Pro, adding to the equation a capital surprise in the form of a agreement with ZEISS to equip the noblest Vivo with their lenses high-performance, something that is confirmed if we look at the logo on their sales packages.

We had already noticed that ZEISS stopped working exclusively for Nokia, and we actually saw him place his lenses on the Sony Xperia 1 II, but to date no long-haul deals had been announced with no other manufacturer.

To end, more press images leaked in the last hours that give a good account of the closeness of their presentation, revealing details such as the three shades of the Vivo X60, two degraded and one matte black, more evidence of the association with ZEISS and one piece of information, and that is that Vivo will seek to score both offer the thinnest 5G mobile on the market, with only 7.3 millimeters thick in the basic model.

In a few days we will have to wait, and certainly with what Vivo promised and with what he is preaching based on examples, it is worth keeping track of them because surely on December 29 they will show us something very attractive ... Will the Vivo X60 be up to the task?