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users report the excessive amount of information they 'share'

For a couple of days, each and every one of the 1.8 million apps that Apple distributes from their App Store and Mac App Store stores are required to clearly disclose to their users what kind of information do they collect about them.

So, before installing each app, we can view their respective privacy policies with respect to three main areas: "data used to track you", "data linked to you" and "data not linked to you".

Not all privacy policies are accessible yet, despite everything: thus, for example, most Google apps do not show them, as this new section is only incorporated in those have been updated in the last two days.

A debate reopened in networks

Apple's guidelines consider "tracing" to be the act of cross user and / or device data with data collected by other applications or websites, for the purpose of measuring ads, serving targeted advertising or sharing that information with 'data brokers'.

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However, beyond Apple's demands for developers who seek to distribute apps from their ditto stores, this has served to renew the debate on social networks about the amount of data (often difficult to justify) that mobile applications collect about us.

In fact, several users have taken the opportunity to collect and compare on Twitter the privacy policies of some of its most used apps. In the case of Facebook, for example, the list is rather endless ...

... so much that it leaves Twitter, by contrast, as an app that is very respectful of our privacy:

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Another aspect highlighted by users is the amount of data that many free apps collect compared to other more or less equivalent paid ones; that of "If a software is free, it is because the product is you":

Of course, there are also differences between free instant messaging apps; here WhatsApp vs Telegram: