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US Media Assure Salesforce to Announce Slack Purchase Today

After a week full of rumors (and stock market revaluations of up to 38%), the US media already dare to announce that today Tuesday, after the closing of the markets, Business software giant Salesforce to announce Slack purchase, the popular collaborative work platform.

The Slack purchase, valued so far at $ 24 billion, is likely to become one of the largest acquisitions in history (there is talk of 17,000 million), only behind recent examples such as the purchase of Red Hat by IBM in 2019, or of LinkedIn by Microsoft in 2016.

A great operation

According to CNBC, the purchase agreement will contemplate a disbursement of half the cost in cash and the other half in shares of the company. Great news for its creator, Stewart Butterfield, which Slack created after successfully selling Flickr to Yahoo!

Now, you will be able to monetize the effort invested in creating and popularizing Slack, even though that company has never made a profit in its 11-year history: only 130,000 of its customers pay for the service, and of these fewer than 1,000 pay more than $ 100,000 each.

The history of the startup Slack, paradigm of the great abundance of capital to invest in the market

In the last five years, Salesforce has made three major acquisitions of software companies, whose products it has managed to integrate seamlessly with its previous catalog: Demandware (2016), MuleSoft (2018) and Tableau (2019).

Salesforce has so far focused on products geared towards internal communication, customer support, and e-commerce, but has decided to make an exception for add consumer-oriented software to your portfolio...

... a software that will thus be strengthened as a competitor to Microsoft's Teams (which, by the way, had recently announced its integration with Salesforce services, a collaboration that could be interrupted now).

Via | Gizmodo & TechCrunch