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Two well-known Chinese brands will disappear in 2021

ZTE presents in China its 'roadmap' for 2021, and be careful because we will have to say goodbye to Nubia and Red Magic, which are unified to re-launch smartphones only under the signature of ZTE.

The Android platform is now 12 years old, and with such maturity in an industry that has always moved at lightning speed around two giants like Google and Apple, the truth is that we have already seen everything ... Or so we thought!

And the truth is that ZTE has surprised us during the China presentation event for its new Blade 20 Pro 5G smartphone, where the Shenzhen-based manufacturer has announced its roadmap by 2021 with news the sea of ​​interesting.

In fact, as we read in GizmoChina, next year we will have to say goodbye to Nubia and Red Magic, the two subsidiary firms of ZTE Corporation, which will unify with their parent company to launch smartphones only under the ZTE brand, whether they are cut more premium or destined for the world gaming.

Android in China

A Chinese manufacturer merging two sub-brands? Well, it is quite true that 'things are true' ...

The news is official, Nubia and Red Magic say goodbye to join ZTE

We are not dealing with rumors in this case, but with absolutely official information from a source as reliable as the president of ZTE Corporation, Xu Ziyang, who confirmed it during the event stating that ZTE's Blade and Axon series will join Nubia mobiles and Red Magic's ultra-powerful gaming smartphones starting next year.

Obviously without offering too many details, it has been made clear that all the mobiles of the three firms will be sold under the ZTE umbrella and with its logo, although the door has been left open to the nomenclatures are maintained as new ranges within the ZTE catalog: ZTE Nubia and ZTE Red Magic.

Red Magic Red

Goodbye to Red Magic and Nubia, from ZTE they unify their brands and present a new strategy for 2021.

ZTE's plans go much further than this unification, and it is also announced an ambitious retail expansion plan for now destined for the Chinese market, where they will open up to 5,000 new physical stores owned and exclusive to ZTE.

Xu Ziyang says that the goal is strengthen your presence offline, something that is important for them as it is for any technology company, perhaps following a similar model to the one that Xiaomi took in its day with its official stores open even internationally. From ZTE they also confirm that new ZTE 5G experience centers to open in China.


2021 will be an important year for ZTE, which aims to focus on China to refresh its brand image.

They say from the Chinese manufacturer that they need to focus their efforts, so in 2021 we are going to see them focus practically 100% on their native country, China, where they intend refresh your brand image offering a greater sense of technological avant-garde, quality and youth.

In this case, it was Ni Fei, director of ZTE Mobile and president of Nubia to date, who presented his new product strategy "1 + 2 + N" that will integrate not only smartphones, but other products of our digital life focused on data together with a new range of connected devices to be linked to the ZTE Cloud to deliver that new ultra-connected 5G experience that other manufacturers are looking for too.

Clear ideas, a concrete approach and many possibilities for a giant with enormous capacity, presence also in the network part with equipment for operators that, unfortunately, it seems that it will leave us in part next year to reborn and, hopefully, seek the international assault again later and with more guarantees ... What will ZTE have in store to teach the Chinese market in 2021?