This website that tells you what the weather is like where you are and compares it to a zone in 'World of Warcraft'

In World of warcraft It can rain, get cloudy, get foggy, lightning strikes, get wet in the rain, and experience a sand or snow storm, effects that enrich the gaming experience in different ways and that are the raison d'être of the curious Azeroth Weather website. A must for the title players.

Created by a fan of the game with the aim of learning TypeScript, as reported on Reddit, its function is quite basic: asking your permission to know your location, It tells you what the temperature is, what the atmospheric situation is and compares these data with an area of ​​the Wow.

It was created by Azeroth Weather manager to learn TypeScript

"It feels like you are in Gilneas, take an umbrella with you!"

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When I consulted the web, in my location it was raining and the temperature was 15 degrees. That, according to this simple application, it corresponds to Gilneas. An area that we can get to know better thanks to the fact that the website provides a link with more information about it.

Oromier, as its author calls himself on Reddit, plans to add more variations to the weather and more scenarios to compare it to. At the moment, it has a scenario for each combination of rainy, snowy or clear days.

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The web links to pages with more information about the 'WoW' areas with which it compares the atmospheric situation of our location

Azeroth Weather is similar to The Star Wars Weather Forecast, an application with the same objective that stopped working some time ago and was recovered by those responsible for the saga. The reason for abandoning the application was that Yahoo limited access to its weather API, causing many small projects to stop working properly.