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This website is the best way to record the screen without installing anything in Windows 10, macOS and Linux, with sound and webcam

In this year 2020, video calls have been a constant, but so have the tutorials with which we have taught, remotely, how to perform a certain computer task, both to friends or family and to co-workers. Despite this, today there are many people who do not find an ideal solution to record their screen easily.

In Genbeta we have already reviewed how to make screen recordings in Windows 10 without installing any program, and in Applesfera it tells how to do it in macOS. However, Recordcast seems like the easiest way to record without using anything other than the browser.

Facilities to the rescue

The first thing that RecordCast does when trying to start recording is to ask ourselves what we want to record: if the screen next to the webcam, if the screen alone or if only the webcam. When choosing any of them, it will ask for permissions.

If like me you use a Mac, the web will remind us that we can only record audio from the browser tab, and urges us to use Google Chrome on Windows if we want to record system sound. However, the sound of the microphone will sound in everything we do.

Nothing improves the video conferencing experience quite like a good headset with a microphone - so you can choose them

Without registering, we can record up to 30 minutes. Of course, we can hide the recording tab during the process. On Mac, the system will warn us that the application is seeing everything that happens on our screen. In this sense, the privacy website tells us that "the videos you create are by default private and accessible only by you."


When we finished recording, We can directly download the generated video (in WebM format) or edit it to export it in MP4, for which we will need Google Chrome. In WebM, the result is good in terms of resolution and bitrate, taking the entire screen (in my case 2880 x 1800 pixels).