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This website combines the style of Reddit with the MTV of yesteryear to discover new music by watching videos

If you are a music lover and still enjoy watching videos and discovering new artists in this way, as if it were the 90s and there were still the 10 most orders, then you might want to take a look at

It is a relatively new website that tries to combine a little that experience of "musical television" with the familiar interface of a social network like Reddit, to basically discover new music.

For now it's a pretty dark community

Mtv Reddit

TV mode

And it's not because the whole site has a black background and gray letters, but because It is a small, little known website that depends on a community to grow and fill with content. So what you are going to find are pretty obscure recommendations for the most part.

It's still interesting, the site is quite similar to Reddit in giving positive and negative votes to organize the content in a feed, giving prominence either to the video or the text. You only have to create an account with your email if you want to share your own recommendations with videos.

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The most interesting part is perhaps the "TV Mode", or TV mode, which is basically the one that imitates the MTV of its years of music, that is, a stream Random video stream based on those posted in the community. is a site that I would like to see grow because it has a lot of potential, but who knows, it is difficult to find a place among so many popular social networks where you can share content, and this is a fairly small niche.