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This website brings together streets from all over the world aligned with the sun during the solstices

Stonehenge It is that famous megalithic monument located in the south of England. A set of large stones erected and distributed in four concentric circles that, twice a year, during the winter and summer solstices, offers a unique spectacle: the sun is aligned with the axis of the building.

Probably by chance, without any intention, there are many streets, avenues and all kinds of public roads that live a similar spectacle throughout the globe those very special days.

Places that the developer Demeter Sztanko has been gathering for a few years on the Solsticestreets website.

Beyond a perfect sunrise or sunset in the city

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The map of New York with the streets that align with the sun during the solstices. / Solsticestreets

NY It is one of those cities that, due to the special distribution of its streets, offers daily opportunities to immortalize impressive sunrises and sunsets.

Perfect sunrises or sunsets that, during the solstices, go further by becoming something of an urban Stonehenge.

In the streets marked on the maps that this website collects, the rising sun aligns itself with the urban fabric

What we know about ancient astronomy: a walk from Stonehenge to Giza

But not only in the unofficial capital of the world this happens. The web created from OpenStreetMap maps collects a long list of cities around the world, the most important of almost all countries are collected, where exactly the same happens: the rising sun aligns itself with certain parts of the urban fabric.