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This OnePlus 8T concept changes the color of the back face according to notifications

OnePlus has presented a conceptual mobile with a rare innovation: color change for the rear face. The OnePlus 8T Concept, the name of the phone, would not be ready for sale since it would be a prototype with which to advance future technologies.

OnePlus uses to prepare various prototypes before launching any of its phones. In them try various designs, different hardware combinations and also various technologies; Your site is being removed or secured based on preliminary testing. In addition, OnePlus usually presents limited versions, also concepts. And this year it has opted for an effect that draws powerfully attention: a back face that changes in tone.

Unique design and functions for the OnePlus 8T Concept

Oneplus Concept

The prototype unveiled by OnePlus is built on a 'ordinary' OnePlus 8T to which several innovations have been added. On the one hand we have the striking design of the back face, a kind of organic composition that look like flower petals with the characteristic of changing tonality. Thanks to the chemistry of the inside of the rear glass (oxide capable of change their physical characteristics through electricity), the OnePlus 8T Concept can alter its color between dark blue and silver. It's perfect for personalizing your phone or for it to notify you of important notices.

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Apart from the color change, which in itself is a great novelty even though it is pure aesthetics, the OnePlus 8T Concept integrates a mmWave radar to detect the nearby presence of the hands. OnePlus ensures that you can create gestures 'in the air' to which the phone can react. To accept or reject incoming calls, for example, also as playback controls. Something similar to the Soli radar of the Pixel 4.

One last detail included in the OnePlus 8T Concept is the breath detection using mmWave radar itself, the same that is used for gestures 'in the air'. The OnePlus 8T Concept has a photographic module somewhat altered to include the radar and that allows detect someone else's breath just by focusing. It would be valid to help in breathing exercises, it is one of the examples that OnePlus gives.

This concept aims to unite the advanced use of the smartphone and also art. It is not the first conceptual model since almost a year ago OnePlus already showed a mobile whose rear camera disappeared behind the glass (OnePlus Concept One). As happened on that occasion, the OnePlus 8T Concept is more of a curiosity than a mobile with a certain route in stores.