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This Mi Fan has taken his obsession with Xiaomi to another level

If you thought I was a true Xiaomi fan, wait until you see this.

There is no doubt that Xiaomi is one of the most important brands todayNot in vain have they managed to reach third place in the world, surpassing giants like the almighty Apple.

Because not only has it managed to manufacture spectacular terminals with an unbeatable quality-price ratio, but it has also achieved that millions of people around the world have become true fans of the brand. Some fans as staunch as the protagonist of this story, who is willing to do anything for Xiaomi.

We present to you who is possibly the biggest Xiaomi fan in history


Only a true Xiaomi fan could do this!

We are not going to deny that we all have our own tastes when it comes to phone brands. Some are Samsung lovers, others prefer Apple's bitten apple while others remain loyal to Huawei despite its difficulties. But the love for brands some get out of hand.

Like this Indian Xiaomi fan, who has neither short nor lazy decided to show his love for the brand in the most original way possible. Because if some choose to create an ecosystem with the different products of the brand or even buying dolls of their cute pet, others prefer to cut their cultivation field in the shape of the Xiaomi logo.

This is how you read. The Twitter of the VP of Xiaomi in India has shared this curious scene in which one of his fans has cut off their lands with the signature logo and he has recorded it with a drone created a really spectacular scene seen from the air.

India is one of the most important countries for Xiaomi where it sells millions of units every year, so it is not strange to find authentic madmen from the Chinese firm. Of course, we must praise the patience of this boy and is that the logo on the grass has been great.