3 reasons for its success

this is the search engine with which you want to compete and depend less on Google

Huawei has just announced that its search engine, Petal Search, is now available to be used on iOS and Android, although it is also usable on the desktop, without being adapted. The company has announced that there are two domains to search, although so far we have been able to test at www.gopetal.com. The other will be www.petalsearch.com.

It is a search engine designed for mobile phones, and as such, in addition to a tab called "All" which would be the equivalent of Google or a classic search engine, it also contains others such as "Apps" and "In applications". There are also options such as "Shopping", "Images", "News", "Videos", "Music", "Hotels", "Flights", "Shopping", etc.

Petal Search already has a lot of what you can ask a search engine, and like all of them, it is very reloaded

Petal Search

An argument that can be used against Google is that it has been reloading its interface more and more, not only with different options but also with advertising, and at the same time, making it less obvious which content has resulted from the search.

Petal Search is not comfortable at first, as no alternative to Google is (as indicated by the fact that the most searched term in Bing at some point was "Google"). In general, as in Google, searching in Petal Search feels recharged. But it seems to be the trend of modern search engines.

Today, it is prioritized to deliver a lot of content of different types instead of the most relevant links, and that in Petal Search does not change according to the search term. In this sense, it should be said that the desktop does not yet have an adapted interface, for what is better not to issue an assessment yet. On a general level, Huawei has opted to integrate vacation rentals, news, images and more into the main search tab.


Thus, if we search for "Spain", the first thing we will find is a description based on information from Wikipedia, after that an offer of vacation rentals, with three results proposed with HomeToGo technology, four news links to ABC, El Mundo and NBA.

There's also five trending links along with two links to lamoncloa.gob.es and ABC.es, five images and four links that lead to Euronews, a map of COVID-19 on RTVE.es, another to the Bank of Spain, one more to Goal.com, a link to BBVA Spain in the Play Store and finally one to Expansión where the economy and demography are discussed.

Regarding the videos, there is a YouTube button, but unlike what we find in Google, where there is a lot of direct link to its platform, in Petal what is offered are, above all, links to media that have published related videos with the search term. Here you can see that Huawei (yet) does not have its own video platform for which it is betting heavily.