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This is the only mobile that competes with Xiaomi in the second largest market in the world

Samsung is the only brand that has managed to sneak one of its mobiles into the top 10 best-selling smartphones.

In India, where Xiaomi already dominates the telephone market with an iron fist, the Chinese firm has managed to place nine of the mobiles that make up its extensive catalog at top 10 of Amazon's best-selling smartphones.

Xiaomi's success in India no longer surprises anyone. But, What is the terminal that has managed to stand up to Xiaomi devices in India?

Samsung, the only brand capable of rivaling Xiaomi in India

Samsung Galaxy M31 notch

The Infinity Display of the Galaxy M31 is one of the best aspects of the terminal.

In a tweet published by one of the executives of Xiaomi in India, an image with the top 10 best-selling phones on Amazon, being the models of the Redmi 9 and Redmi Note 9 series those that occupy 9 out of 10 positions.

But because of Samsung, Xiaomi has not been able to do full. And it is that the Galaxy M31 has been able to obtain a not inconsiderable sixth position of this top.

Despite its unstoppable growth, that of Xiaomi and India it has not been a bed of roses. A few months ago, we reported on the brand's plan to start selling its most expensive mobiles in order to shed its “cheap brand” image in the country. Also, Realme was able to steal some market share from the Beijing giant since landing in India.

In any case, today no other firm is capable of standing up to the impressive numbers from Xiaomi in India, where the brand came to sell about 10 mobile phones ... every second.