This is Neo, the smartwatch that was born from the alliance between Disney and Vodafone

Neo is the smartwatch created between Disney and Vodafone with which you can carry Baby Yoda and other mythical characters on your wrist. These are all your details.

The smartwatch, or smart watch, has become one of the favorite wearables of users.

Disney and Vodafone have wanted to join the fashion of this accessory creating your own children's smartwatch, which will delight fans of characters like Baby Yoda, Elsa or Buzz Lightyear.

The Disney and Vodafone collaboration his name is Neo, and was born to help parents to maintain contact with their children while supporting their independence.

The Neo smartwatch won't be available for purchase until early 2021, but we already know all the details of its operation and price.

Neo, a smartwatch with camera, GPS and parental control for children

Disney Neo Smartwatch

Disney and Vodafone have teamed up to create a smartwatch called Neo.

Like operators such as T-Mobile or Verizon, Vodafone has embarked on the production of its own smartwatch for children. He has done it with a company that is difficult to improve, Disney.

This is how Neo was born, a smart watch for the little ones that incorporates "An interactive design and innovative technology"as stated by John Love, vice president of Interactive Experiences in Parks, Experiences and Disney Products.

It is a device aimed at helping parents to maintain contact with their children when they are away. We see it in its functions, since with Neo children can call and send messages.

Also, parents can see at all times the location of your children, control the screen time your watch with Do Not Disturb mode and create a trusted contact list. All these functions, it should be clarified, are available in the Vodafone Smart app, which requires a paid subscription to run.

Disney and Vodafone Neo Smartwatch

Elsa, Baby Yoda and Darth Vader are some of the characters with which the watch can be customized.

The little ones can also enjoy wearing this watch, as they can choose between different Disney characters (Buzz Lightyear, Baby Yoda, Minnie Mouse or Elsa from Frozen, among others) to customize watch home screen.

From Disney they assure that these animations will make different movements during the day, and that the catalog of characters will be kept updated without any cost.

Important is also the 5 MP camera that incorporates the Neo smartwatch, which allows children to save their favorite memories in the form of photographs. In addition, the Vodafone and Disney smartwatch also has a activity monitor which will encourage children to be active.

All these details are very interesting, but when can you buy the smartwatch to wear Baby Yoda on your wrist? At the moment there is no exact date, but we do know that the official launch in Europe will take place in early 2021. We also do not know its price, although we will have to pay a connectivity subscription to use these more advanced functions.

If you want to promote the independence of your children without losing contact with them, you can register on this website to be among the first to acquire the Neo smartwatch jointly created by Disney and Vodafone.