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This is the “millionaire” it costs to buy all Xiaomi products for the digital home

You will not believe it if we tell you that the bill measured several meters and exceeded, in US dollars, the six figures ... Does Xiaomi have so many 'IoT' products?

With an increasingly prolific product catalog, the truth is that the all-in from Xiaomi to the digital home was not only confirmed in 2020 with a multimillion-dollar investment in its Internet of things, but also with the numbers of an ecosystem that already has more than 270 million users, of which more than 5 million have connected 5 or more products to the Xiaomi Home application.

The Haidian Giant's Secret is none other than offer a product for every need, or even several, all of them at very contained and not very greedy prices that make let's all look for Xiaomi when we need practically anything, and only smartphones but also other types of electronic products and even not so electronic.

In fact, a My fan with enough money in the bank account he wanted to answer the question of how much does it cost to buy all Xiaomi Mi Home products, and surely the answer will surprise you because yes, indeed, Xiaomi's prices are very contained, but it is that the product list is kilometer... Let's unravel the mystery!

Xiaomi has a huge catalog of products for the digital home.

Xiaomi has a huge catalog of products for the digital home, but you won't believe what they cost.

A ticket that measures several meters and 690,000 yuan in amount, which would be exchanged today for more than 87,000 euros

The first thing is to confirm that Mi fans exist in China with such devotion to the brand as the one shown by fanboys Y fangirls Apple when they queue hours before the iPhone launch, so it is not surprising that sooner or later someone wanted to do this machado that here seems unthinkable.

In this case, the My fan went to a Mi Store in China with the order of reserve and buy each and every one of Xiaomi products for the digital home, which in the end are all gadgets and devices that can connect and control from Xiaomi Home, becoming compatible with intelligent functions such as the scene programmer or voice control through Alexa or Google Home.

The store employees must have hallucinated, because in effect the Chinese manufacturer has bulbs, complete lamps, motion, humidity or smoke sensors, security products, surveillance cameras, smart speakers, refrigerators, small appliances such as heaters or air purifiers and even smart plugs or solutions for advanced lighting such as LED strips, within an almost inexhaustible catalog that we could not reproduce without boring you.

Invoice for all Xiaomi IoT products for the home

The kilometer-long bill for the Mi Fan that bought all the Xiaomi products for the home.

The ticket is precisely the one that we have just shown you in the image above, measures several meters and adds dozens of devices whose total cost amounts to a whopping 690 yuan, something like about 105,000 US dollars or 87,700 euros to the current change.

They say in the Chinese sources of the news that the catalog includes more than 300 products for the digital home between proprietary brands of Xiaomi and its partners on the Mijia platform, though no one has accurately counted all the pots that this Mi Fan has taken home for the price… of a house !.

The purchase process was recorded and uploaded to TikTok in a broadcast from the Mi Store itself, making it clear that if there is a platform of Internet of things that has advanced above all the others, that is undoubtedly a Xiaomi Home that already has compatible and connectable products for any need.

The most important? Well, probably security, so we leave you with our selection of Xiaomi smart products to protect our home and convert it for very little money into a fully secured digital home.

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