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This is how the Spanish mobile telephony and broadband market is distributed, with Movistar leading

The CNMC shows how the four major operators share the Spanish telecommunications market.

The National Commission for Markets and Competition has just published a press release detailing how the situation is in Spain with regard to active fiber optic lines Y mobile lines.

As usual at the CNMC, it is about a Very complete radiography of the homeland "telecos" market which throws up some interesting numbers so, Let's review them!

Spain, a country with 11 million fiber optic lines and almost 55 million mobile lines

Spain telephony market

The telephony and fiber optic market in Spain is more distributed than ever.

First of all, it must be made clear that the CNMC publishes these figures periodically several times a year, reflecting in this case August data, so right now, these numbers could have moved slightly.

Made the "disclaimer" of rigor, fiber optic lines to the home (FTTH) are encrypted in almost 11 million, with a growth from one month to another of more than 100,000 connections. Of those 11 million, 4.5 million lines belong to Movistar (it has a 38.35% market share), the rest being divided between Vodafone and Orange more or less similar (20.58% and 24.55%, respectively, of market share) and then MasMóvil with a small percentage (11.34%).

Of course, these operators use their fiber to cover other brands that do not have their own network such as Lowi, Yoigo, Jazztel or Digi among other OMVs. Likewise, the CNMC highlights the transition between FTTH lines and DSL lines (the "ADSL of a lifetime") from one year to the next, adding 1.4 million connections the former and decreasing by almost 1 million the latter.

Lastly, with regard to mobile lines, the CNMC report highlights the increased portability, something that links to the end of the state of alarm decreed in March. In total, in the month of August, there were 563,000 portabilities, in other words, more than half a million Spaniards changed their mobile operator, 1% more than a year ago.

In that sense, the mobile lines market is somewhat more distributed, with the four main operators sharing the cake almost equally: Movistar leads with 29.94%, Orange follows with 24.17%, Vodafone with 22.35% and MasMóvil with 17.02%.