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this is the cinematographic photos with 3D effect that will make you relive your memories

More than a year ago Google Photos He launched 'Memories', a section at the top of the main view of the gallery that shows us the most outstanding recent photographs along with the best memories from previous years as if they were the "Stories" of a social network.

Now this section receives next month three important news that will invite us to consult our memories every day to discover the new ones cinematic photos, collages and new memories.

Cinematic photos

Thanks to machine learning we can enjoy in a few weeks the new cinematographic photographs. Even if the original photo does not contain its depth information, Google's machine learning will be able to predict the depth of an image and generate a 3d rendering of the scene.

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With this 3D representation of the image, Google Photos will create an animation with a panning effect in which a virtual camera approaches the scene as we see in the example images. Those cinematic photos will appear in the 'Memories' section and can be saved and shared with all our contacts.

New collage layouts

Untitled Max 1000x1000

For a couple of weeks, Google Photos began to gradually activate the new collages, with more fun designs that will use machine learning to choose the most appropriate style for the collage images. Google confirms that these new collage will reach the world in a few weeks.

New memories

Until now, the 'Memories' section only showed the best memories from a year, two years, three years ago, etc ... Starting next month, Google Photos will also show your best memories classified by topics, people or activities. For example, Google Photos will be able to show us the best sunsets or escapes in the mountain from among all our photographs.

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