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this is the app that allows us to download music from YouTube totally free

This online downloader has a dedicated app that works like a charm.

We all know YouTube and the advantages it offers, but it is true that over time has been filled with awkward advertisements that reduce the experience of those users who do not opt ​​for its premium mode. Also, it is not an application that we can enjoy anywhere and less if we do not have an internet connection.

A perfect alternative to solve all these problems is download those songs or playlists that we like, in order to enjoy them at any time and situation, regardless of the device and whether or not the network of our telephone operator works.

featured snappea

Snappea allows us to download music and videos from YouTube totally free.

Snappea in a Youtube downloader that works perfectly. Thanks to its intuitive operation, it is possible to download free music from YouTube with just a few clicks. But not only that. Its functions also include downloading complete lists of songs, save videos directly to a device and, in addition, in different formats.

As strengths of this tool are also its use totally online and that is compatible with any device and smartphone: computers, tablets and phones under Android or iOS. It has its own smartphone applications with which you can access YouTube and store all your downloads in the same space.

How to download music in Snappea on Android

snappea version desktop

This is what Snappea looks like on Android using the browser version.

If we want to enjoy all the possibilities that Snappea offers us on Android, we must first download your apk. It can be done directly from their website and after that, in a matter of minutes it will be ready.

Once it is installed on our device (remember to give permission to the installation of third-party apps so that everything works correctly) access the app and inside you will see a top panel with a finder. Insert the keywords you want there and you will see a handful of results from different sites (That man does not live on YouTube alone).

And .. that's it! Choose the one you like the most and click on the button that says “download”. There you can choose if what you want is get the video or just the audio. If music is what you are looking for, the application also offers you the possibility of select the format, being the popular ones MP3 and MP4 among your options.

Of course, you can also use the web version of Snappea from your smartphone. This allows the same procedures and the download in the format we want, although everything would be from the browser interface and not from an app fully adapted to the peculiarities of each Android device.

How to download playlists in Snappea on Android

snappea images android

This is how Snappea looks in the native Android app.

There are not only single songs on YouTube. In fact, the most common thing is that when we search for a particular one, the website automatically recommends a list of similar songs, either because it is the same artist who sings them or because someone has created a play list that includes that particular song. Snappea also allows us download that mix of songs that has caught our attention. With Snappea you can download YouTube playlist in less than half a minute.

Of course, the first thing to do is download the app. Assuming that we already have it, from the integrated search engine we will do the keyword search just like a song. You can also copy a specific URL if you know it to get straight to the point.

When we find the desired list, we only have to click on the download button and select the desired format. Again, as with songs, we can choose between MP3, MP4 (with its particularities) for audio, or opt for the full video.

All this process can be done from the Internet navigator that we have installed on our device, but the dedicated app will provide us with a most reliable experience.

Did you think it was a more complicated process? Well no, it's not, downloading music from YouTube is very simple with this tool.