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This extension for Chrome and Firefox "fixes" YouTube for those who are tired of oversized thumbnails and capital letters

One of the big problems with YouTube is that, to get views, many creators overreact to their headlines and video thumbnails. Those who watch videos of the platform on a frequent basis will be familiar with the behavior: use many capital letters in the names and non-descriptive thumbnails whose sole purpose is to attract attention.

If you are tired of seeing this on YouTube, and you are a Chrome (or Chromium browsers) or Firefox user, our advice is to install the extension Clickbait Remover (It can be installed from here for Google's browser, and from here for Mozilla's). Let's see how it works.

Bring calm to your YouTube feed

Clickbait Extension

So the extension asks us what we want to modify in thumbnails and headlines.

Clickbait Remover works very easily. At the moment we install the extension, it asks us how we want to adjust the thumbnails and titles. In the case of images, we can choose to do nothing, to take as thumbnails a frame or image of the end of the video, the middle of the video or the beginning of the video. The reality is that our feed totally changes.

As for the text, what tends to annoy the most are the meaningless capital letters in the middle of the title, and the extension allows you to put everything in lower case, capitalize the first letter of the sentence, capitalize the first letter of each word or not modify. In my case, I have preferred the option of capitalizing the first letter of each word, although it may bring problems such as the iPad becoming an iPad.

With The Extension And Without The Extension

As for the pictures, a feed remains that transmits calmer than thumbnails with clickbait, which seem made for precisely the opposite: bring us tension and make us watch the video before the alert that we are missing something.

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Yes it is true that when using the extension you also have that feeling: the one to miss things, as the headlines are often vague and explain even less than the thumbnail. In the end, as a video audience, what I would like are nice detailed and descriptive thumbnails. And the extension, unfortunately, does not bring you that either.

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