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This artificial intelligence restores damaged photographs: goodbye scratches, hello color

Old photographs are a dimensional portal that allow us to travel to a time that is long gone, where many of our loved ones lived. The problem is that, many times, that passage of time has deteriorated them a lot.

Thanks to current advances we have already seen that there are tools that allow us to color them, or increase and improve the quality even if the photograph is blurred. Today we are going to test another free solution that offers impressive results when photos are corrupted.

Amazing results

It is a artificial intelligence developed by Hotpot, a company dedicated to "simplifying graphic design and image editing" through the use of AI. We can test it directly from this link.

We will simply have to upload the image we want to restore and specify (using the blue button) if the photograph has scratches. In a matter of seconds we can download the restored image.

Restore Pictures Remove Scratches Sharpen Colors And Enhance Faces With Ai

In addition to making scratches disappear, this website takes care of enhance the face and improve color definition. They claim that "what previously required hours of trained professionals can now be achieved in seconds."

The service works with both black-and-white photos and color images. Of course, at the moment it only supports images that have a maximum resolution of 1280x1280 (they claim that they will soon support larger photographs).

Then I will leave Some examples than I have achieved using this tool. Some of the results are really impressive:

Image 4 12 20 14 22 Pasted

Image 4 12 20 14 23 Pasted

Oil 124 Og Jpg Y Hotpot 2 Png

Hotpot 3 Png And Js017bef 742x1024 Jpg And Oil 124 Og Jpg And Application Manager

How can we check, in all cases the image improves substantially. In some the result is almost magical, and the photographs come to life almost magical. This website can be a great ally when it comes to digitizing and restoring some photos from the family album.