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This AI judges your taste in music on Spotify, and you'll laugh because it tells you the truth

What better way to close 2020 can exist if not by letting a bot laugh at you, in your face, and because you asked. It's basically what this artificial intelligence trained by Matt Daniels and Mike lacher for The Pudding.

Just give it permission to snoop through your entire Spotify history and it will tell you how bad your taste in music is.. It goes without saying that you have to have a sense of humor and take it for the joke that it is, one that can be hilarious if you stop pretending for a moment.

Judge my Spotify

Spotify Your Bad Musical Taste

All you have to do is enter this link click on "Find Out" and connect with your Spotify account. This is only available in English, so if you can't read in that language, it's hard for you to enjoy it.

How to know on Spotify which are the songs and artists that you have listened to the most in 2020

If you ask him how he knows what is good and what is not will tell you that it "has been trained by more than two million indicators of objectively good music, including Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, and subreddits you've never heard of," if that doesn't give you a clue to the level. sarcasm you're about to expose yourself to, read again.

Your Spotify Was Bad


In the middle of the analysis, the neural network will comment on things and even ask you questions, in all it will appeal to make you feel a lot of shame for your recent musical obsessions. And the truth is that the process is very funny.

You can do everything perfectly from the desktop browser or from the mobile, and the web works fast and adapts very well to any screen. In the end you will see a verdict, and if you do the analysis more than once you may see small variations in what it tells you, but always very accurate.