They filter the alleged Huawei roadmap for 2021

Now that the United States loosen the yoke on Huawei and the Trump administration is counting its days, the truth is that the focus of the mobile industry has moved to Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen, where the first big news came with the sale of Honor to a local conglomerate and where now they should start to draw us the future from a giant that wanted to be number one in the mobile market in 2020.

Capacity was not lacking, technology neither, much less devices of the best quality such as the Huawei Mate40 Pro, but the North American veto eliminated them from the game with a stroke of the pen depriving them of Google services, key in the Android ecosystem if we look outside Chinese borders.

Now a leak reveals to us Huawei's calendar for the next few months, in which we can snoop about the next products that Huawei already prepares, including smartphones, wearables, accessories and other types of devices ... Do you want to know what will be new for the Chinese giant in 2021? Well followed!

Huawei Mate40 Pro

The Huawei Mate40 Pro, the foretaste of an uncertain future for Huawei.

Smartphones, wearables, 'IoT' devices and a new tablet are already on the horizon of Huawei

Certainly this roadmap Huawei filtering starts strong, already this same month of December, with a Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro ECG that should be launched next day 12 with characteristics similar to the current Watch GT 2, but adding the electrocardiogram already incorporated by Apple and Samsung models. It should cost about $ 400 to launch, and international markets would arrive in 2021.

In fact, also before the end of the year or at the latest in the first weeks of the next course, Huawei is expected to announce a new smart display in the purest style of the Nest Hub, which would complete the offer of smart speakers and devices IoT. This screen would have HarmonyOS as one of the first devices with the new Huawei OS factory pre-installed.

As for smartphones, there is talk of a Huawei Nova 8 that could also be launched imminently, although the sources themselves speak that maybe delay until january to appear in society with the Honor V40 series, which was still being developed by Honor within Huawei.

There is more, because Huawei will officially announce its P50 Series in March, with new functionalities and again focused on mobile photography keeping Android in its guts, although masked by EMUI 11.1 and almost certainly without Google certification, which the Chinese giant doubts whether to claim again.

Finally, details about the Huawei MatePad Pro 2, which is none other than the most performing tablet in Huawei's catalog that it would be renewed with Wi-Fi and 5G versions updating its hardware to continue competing for the most business.

Obviously there is nothing confirmed and the dates are indicativeBut the sources seem to have a good track record of successful leaks around the Chinese giant, so it is likely that we can rely on the information at least for launches in its local market. Facing our countries, it is best to be cautious and wait for movements to see if Huawei recovers its capacity both productive and innovative ... At least it's good to see them work and stay in the gap!