The Xiaomi Mi 11 can measure the pulse with the fingerprint reader under the screen

Yesterday, Xiaomi presented its main high-end mobile for 2021, the Xiaomi Mi 11. The first with Snapdragon and many other interesting features, such as the screen with 2K resolution at 120 Hz or the 108-megapixel camera, although other features passed more unnoticed, like your heart rate monitor.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is by no means the first mobile to include a heart sensor (for example, it was already in the Samsung Galaxy S5 from 2014), although it does so in a slightly different way. Instead of being behind as in Samsung mobiles that include it, integrates into the fingerprint reader under the screen.

Unlock the mobile and also measure your pulse


The heart sensor is essential in smart watches and bracelets, although the idea never came to fruition in mobile phones. Samsung includes it for several generations in its most powerful models in the rear, and a little more.

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Xiaomi has opted for a somewhat different solution and that is, the heart sensor is not behind, but in front and integrated in the fingerprint reader, which in turn is under the screen. That is, hidden from view.

Reader According to Xiaomi, the precision is equivalent to that of a smartwatch's heart rate monitor

Thus, Xiaomi is the first to combine fingerprint reader and heart rate monitor, with a level of precision that, according to the brand itself, "is equivalent to that achieved by the reader of a smartwatch or smart bracelets. "

To take the pulse with a Xiaomi Mi 11, you must open the Xiaomi Health application and put your finger on the reader of fingerprints to obtain the measurement. Obviously, unlike the reader that you will find, for example, in a Mi Band, the reading is not continuous but punctual, since you would need to keep your finger constantly on the mobile.

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