The worst mobiles in history according to the largest Android community on the Internet

Some mobiles pass through the market without pain or glory and others leave their mark, albeit bad.

Reddit has become over the years the most important forum on the internet. It has approximately 330 million users from all over the world who share their hours among the different communities within the platform and, there, there is a very numerous Android-themed.

The Reddit Android community has more than 2 million followers and they are usually created almost daily interesting threads with news, doubts or any other related aspect. One of the last most popular has been a conversation about what has been the worst Android phone they have had and very interesting conclusions can be drawn from the results.

The most noted


Within the aforementioned thread, one of the most noted mobiles was the LG G3 to which many users blame, among other niceties, its overheating, poor battery life or Android Lollipop malfunction on it.

Next on the list phones I should never have bought is he HTC Thunderbolt. To this terminal that has already passed away, since it is about a decade old, Reddit users accuse it of poor battery performance, overheating, or recording performance issues with games and video playback.

Nexus P6 has not come out well off the forum either. Battery problems and senseless reboots are already well known about them, something that has not gone unnoticed by Reddit users. Poor battery, excessive heating, problems with the hardware and the starting system are some of the drawbacks noted in the thread.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 did not escape criticism either.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 also gets its own. This is attributed a very poor RAM management, battery problems or very noticeable deterioration in global functioning after one year.

Returning to Nexus, another model that seems not to have completely convinced the community was the Nexus 5X. The battery and screen of this smartphone gave numerous problems and that was not the only thing. Several criticize the Snapdragon 808 chip operation in it, in addition to a dubious RAM management that penalized the use of several apps at the same time.

Google Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 did not convince too many fans.

The LG G6 didn't make it out of the Reddit forum either. There they have been able to read criticisms about his wasted potential because of slow updates, terrible battery life, a bad customization of LG's own layer on Android or crashes at boot.

The list stretches to many more terminals because, remember, all this is based on personal opinions of users and, for color tastes and for flower gardens. In any case, if you have been wanting more, there were also criticisms of him HTC One V, Asus Zenfone 2, Xperia M4 Aqua, OnePlus X or the Moto G6.