a quarter late for everyone

The Samsung Galaxy S21 has leaked so much that there is even a video review

And with so much filtration and so many details that anticipate the new Samsung Galaxy S21 already for January ... Here comes your first video review!

Once again, Samsung will be UNPACKED with no surprises to tell us, or at least that's what we expect after these last weeks have been an incessant trickle of news around a few Samsung Galaxy S21 that we have even seen in official images with a full table of specifications and everything, which we know will have support for the S-Pen and that they should anticipate their arrival already to the next month of January at prices between 879 and 1399 euros.

In any case, for those who expected the leakers most popular in the kingdom curl the curl of leaks, here we bring you courtesy of Android Authority who revealed the clue to us, the first video review to a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S21 that we had already seen previously, but not live and showing all the details of a fairly new finish at least in the integration of the photographic module.

Samsung Galaxy S21

This would be the design of the Samsung Galaxy S21, and we can almost confirm it.

You can now see the Samsung Galaxy S21 + in video

The video in question, which we linked to at the end of this article, was published by a YouTube channel called Random Stuff 2 and lasts about five minutes, being still uploaded at the moment and available to fully review the details of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 in its flavor 'Plus', the middle of the family, which is a bit camouflaged by stickers as it is a pre-series prototype.

Obviously the quality of a filtration like this confirms that all the information published previously were true, and lets us see that indeed It seems that Samsung will advance the launch this year to compete with Huawei before they present their new high-performance smartphones, surely with Harmony OS and their own mobile services.

Regarding what you will see in the video, that front optimized almost completely, with a very minimized centered hole for the front camera if we compare it with previous models, in addition to show us the fast operation of the integrated fingerprint reader under the panel in a comfortable position similar to the current one.

This version of the Galaxy S21 will enjoy a configuration of triple camera with 64 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP sensors with zoom 3x optical, without identifying what type of sensors they will be, although letting us see some samples of captures made with the terminal.

You may also have seen that it arrives with a memory configuration of 8GB RAM and 128GB or 256GB storage options, Android 11 in its guts and, in this case, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset that will surely be present again in the versions for South Korea and the United States of the Galaxy S21.

Own youtuber warn that it is indeed a pre-series prototype with software not yet optimized, but says it will probably be the best phone of 2021 and that in his opinion improves the smartphones that we know now ... We will have to wait to confirm it!