The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are updated to stable Android 11 in Spain

In mid-November we told you that the beta period of One UI 3.0 and Android 11 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 began. After just over a month, we have been able to verify that the stable version is already arriving in Spain to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Android 11 was announced in September with a good collection of new features, including improvements to the notification system, chat bubbles, screen recording or the new home automation management screen. Samsung has adapted the new version to its One UI layer, which go up to version 3.0 and release its own news.

Android 11 with One UI 3.0 is already coming to the Spanish Samsung Galaxy Note 20

As we said, Samsung tested the new version during the beta period, to which users could sign up through the Samsung Members app, but what comes now is the stable version for everyone, so if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is very likely that you have already received the notification of a new version available. If it had not reached you, go to Settings> Software Update> Manual download.

Android 11 Note 20 Ultra

Samsung has baptized the new version One UI 3.0, which includes many new features, starting with a redesign focused mainly on the home screen and the quick settings curtain, as well as improvements in performance and more secure privacy controls, like unique permissions.

But there is not everything, there are also changes in the camera such as improved autofocus and automatic exposure. When it comes to editing photos in the Gallery app there are more options, such as the ability to return to the original photo at any time, as well as easier sharing and searching for content.

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The update for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra weighs about 2.3 GB, so the download may take a bit depending on your connection. And remember to download it on a WiFi network if you don't want it to consume data from your rate.