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The reasons behind the downfall of Google and YouTube

It was not a cyberattack or weird things that were speculated, but an internal problem with authentication.

Many of the most popular online services, such as WhatsApp, Gmail or YouTube, have already become essential in our lives. That is why perhaps, every time they fall, it arises a kind of global cataclysm with people going crazy between the outcry and almost the plea for them to be available again.

Be that as it may, the karma distributes for everyone, so massive drops are the order of the day with Facebook as protagonist last week, having to deal with a global WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger indisposition, and Google being a victim this morning from a massive drop in its main services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive mainly in Europe and America.

Many were the rumors around a huge problem in Google, that prevented using their services if we were logged in with our accounts but not when using them in incognito mode or disconnected from our profiles, which led many to think it was a security problem exploited by hackers… Nothing could be further from the truth!

Google down. Errors in Google.

"Oops": YouTube and other important Google services have been down for much of the day.

Google confirms it, it was an internal problem with the authentication system and not a cyber attack

Given the doubts and possible fear of almost everyone, Google has run to confirm in an official press release sent to the media that the fall was due to an interruption in the authentication system due to an internal company problem, and not a cyberattack that could have endangered the data of its millions of users and customers.

So pray the statement of the Californian company, in our language:

“Today at 3:47 AM (Pacific Time), Google experienced an authentication system outage for approximately 45 minutes due to an internal storage quota issue. Services that require users to log in experienced high error rates during this period. The authentication system problem was resolved at 4:32 AM Pacific Time. All services are working again. We apologize to all those affected. We will carry out an exhaustive follow-up to ensure that this problem does not recur in the future ”.

They say from Google that an internal storage quota issue was to blame, without specifying much more, informing that they have deactivated the management system while the causes of failure are being investigated to try to prevent it from happening again in the future.

There is no impact on user data, and Gmail queued messages, for example, were sent after the authentication system returned to normal functionality. So don't worry too much because it was a specific problem and internal to Google itself, which we hope will not be repeated at least in the short term ... Half the world will appreciate it!