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The reason Google cancels so many of its projects

Why is Google closing so many services?

Google is one of the most important companies in the world and its products, applications and services are among the most used by a large part of the world population.

To its fantastic search engine - if you want to know how it works we will explain it to you - other tools such as Gmail, Google Maps are added. YouTube as well as products among which we can highlight the Pixel devices or the famous Chromecast.

Now, in Google all that glitters is not gold and the Mountain View company cannot boast that all its services have been a success. Many of them have fallen by the wayside and the Google graveyard is practically full of popular tools such as Inbox or Google Play Music.

But why is Google canceling so many of its projects? Obviously it is not for pleasure, it is much easier than you think.

Why does Google cancel so many of its projects and services

Google on an iPhone

Google is a company and it just wants to make money

It has almost become a meme but rightly or wrongly, one of the fears of many users of Google products is: will it cancel the service? Because except for tools with millions of active users such as Gmail, Maps, YouTube and many others, the survival of the rest of Google tools is not assured.

The focus, for example, is on Stadia, Google's streaming video game platform, which recently turned one year old. This platform has been criticized a lot for its limited catalog of video games to the point that even some They have ensured that Google will close Stadia due to lack of users.

Beyond the fact that this claim is made without any basis, one thing is more than clear. Google is not an NGO but a private company and its objective is not to give us services because of our pretty face but to earn money. What does this mean? That if a service stops being profitable, it will close regardless of what people use it.

Cemetery Google products

Google has closed many services this 2020

It is normal that Google as a gigantic company that it is, launch different services and products over the course of a year. The big G has thousands and thousands of workers and obviously not all of them are dedicated to the same thing so not all their services have to succeed.

However, Google not only closes services that are not profitable for it - as any other company does - but also because its reason for being no longer exists or simply because another service replaces it. The clear example is Google Play Music that has passed away in favor of its substitute, YouTube Music.

So, don't be afraid to use Google products. With few exceptions, the vast majority of the services that close are those that many of us have not even heard of so world catastrophe, the most popular tools of the guys from Mountain View are not going to shut down. And yes, that includes Google Stadia as well.