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The premiere of 'Wonder Woman 1984' on HBO Max in 4K shows that we can finally have a modern HBO app in 2021

One of the big news at the end of the year at the audiovisual level is that Andy Forsell, an executive at Warner Media, announced that HBO Max will expand internationally starting next year.

Specifically, the service will arrive in Spain and Latin America in the second half of 2021. Although the launch is not imminent, the announcement alone is already promising for what we will review today, together with the fact that the company speaks of offering double the content when it lands, though of current HBO, the problem is not the content at all.

The premiere of 'Wonder Woman 1984' shows that we can finally leave behind the worst of the HBO app

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HBO Max was launched in the first half of 2020 with the promise to greatly improve the HBO app they enjoyed in America. However, at launch, the service came without 4K or HDR. Improving the HBO situation wasn't difficult in 1080p, but of course better was expected.

HBO spokesmen said that the new service would improve in the future, and the launch of 'Wonder Woman 1984' shows that it has been. A Reddit user has collected information on the quality of the film's broadcast, and without being anything spectacular, it shows that we are finally facing a modern service.

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'Wonder Woman 1984' arrives in 4K and with HDR with dynamic metadata under Dolby Vision, with an average bitrate of 11.63 Mbps and a peak bitrate of 32.41 Mbps. The average figure is not very high, in fact it is almost half that of Apple TV +, the leading service, but without a doubt we are facing something much better than what we have in Spain.

That 4K comes with improved compression thanks to the H.265 codec, while here, with HBO, we see 'Game of Thrones' at 1080p, with a bitrate of about 3 Mbps, and what is worse, with H. 264. Anything to go up from image quality to well over double in every way is great news. We are waiting for you, 'HBO Max'.