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The new Xiaomi mobiles will come with the BBVA app pre-installed

BBVA and Xiaomi have signed an agreement so that the company's phones come with the BBVA app pre-installed. At the moment the plan is for Spain and Mexico, although it is expected that the agreement is expanded to BBVA subsidiaries in other parts of the world, so the ambition of the scope is global.

Along with the application will come a mobile insurance in collaboration with Allianz, exclusively for customers who buy new Xiaomi devices, with a monthly payment that starts at 2.99 euros and can be contracted digitally.

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BBVA and Xiaomi hand in hand with MIUI, on new and old mobiles


With the aim, according to BBVA, of reaching a "particularly young" audience, the Spanish Bank signs an agreement with Xiaomi so that its application comes pre-installed on new Xiaomi mobiles. The agreement starts in Spain and Mexico, with a view to expanding globally in the rest of the BBVA subsidiaries.

BBVA will try to increase its customer base, especially among the young public, with this new agreement signed with Xiaomi

As BBVA explains to El País, "this will eliminate complications for those who are already our clients, but above all it will allow us to reach new clients." Currently Xiaomi is the third manufacturer worldwide, leading the ranking in Spain above Huawei and Samsung. From the bank they indicate that BBVA's customer share in Xiaomi mobiles is "lower than natural in the market", thus looking for an extra boost with this deal.

The current Xiaomi phones they will also receive this app, since through an OTA update it will reach all users. In the event that the user does not want it, it can be uninstalled without problems.

In addition to this, it will also be offered to new Xiaomi mobile customers mobile insurance in collaboration with Allianz. It will start from 2.99 euros and will be contracted digitally with an annual policy. This insurance will be available approximately at the end of this month of December.

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