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the new updates of functionalities aside from those of Windows 10 itself

Microsoft is beginning to implement "a new process to offer functionalities improvements [de Windows] Apart from the big "regular OS updates: we talk about the 'Windows Feature Experience Pack'.

With them the company intends to start a new trend of modularization of Windows 10, in which certain functionalities can be separated from the base operating system, allowing us to choose to install them without updating it or vice versa.

If we think about it, there are already seemingly basic system components (like Edge Chromium or the WSL2 Linux kernel) that are updated outside the regular Windows update system. We could also include the new Power Toys here as an example.

An interesting change of model that opens with shyness

The main motivation for introducing this new format seems to have been the constant problems that have been appearing with many of the updates Windows in recent times.

These are the best (and often forgotten) features that Windows 10 has added in its first 5 years

If this bet were to consolidate, it could result in a increased update rates (increasingly focused on patches and stability improvements), as their number shrinks as more new features come 'bundled' into 'experience packs'.

Now, the first Experience Pack is now available for Beta channel users of the Windows Insider program. As a first look at the possibilities of the new format, the truth is that it is somewhat poor, since it consists only of

  • A new version of the tool screen clipping Windows, which now allows us to paste the clipping directly into an Explorer folder.

  • A new version of the touch keyboard Windows, which now allows us to use the 'split keyboard' mode on tablets in a vertical position (not just horizontal, as before).

Feature Experience Packs are not intended to be available to all users until next year.