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the mobile app already allows 'casting'

One of the best options for watching TV on Android receives an update that further improves its possibilities: TDTChannels integrates support with Google Chromecast in version 2.3.0. Click on any channel, click on the Chromecast button and watch DTT on TV even without being tuned in, it's that simple.

Although streaming has eaten part of the cake that open televisions once had, this does not imply that DTT has stopped being seen since continues to provide entertainment to millions of people. Apps for watching TV are very popular on Android, both to play channels on mobile phones and to access them from an Android TV. But what if you only have Google Chromecast? Well, with TDTChannels you have everything covered.

'Caste' any open channel to play it live

Watch Tele Chromecast

TDTChannels is an application developed by Marc Vila that offers the vast majority of free-to-air DTT channels at the click of a button. The Android app, as well as the web version, centralizes all updated public links so you don't need different applications to reproduce the content: with TDTChannels it is more than enough. It has a very extensive list of channels, works without complications, does not include advertising added to that of the television itself and offers options as attractive as the sending the replay to Google Chromecast.

How to watch TV on your Android or iPhone mobile: the best ways to access DTT

After the update 2.3.0 TDTChannels has activated the sending of the channels to the Chromecast so that the broadcasts can be seen on TV without the need for DTT to be tuned in. Just play any channel on the list and click on the usual send icon: choose your device and the broadcast will automatically play. The same as if you accessed DTT from the tuner.

TDTChannels is an application to watch TV that is not available in the Google Play Store: you can download the latest updated version from its website. It is a safe and free app.

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