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the lightweight Linux environment has a new version loaded with great news

After one year and four months of development, the team behind Xfce has officially announced the release of version 4.16 of the lightweight desktop environment, one of the best known among the Linux community for its simplicity and stability.

One of the biggest changes is in appearance, in fact, Xfce 4.16 has taken a huge step towards establishing a consistent visual identity, no more random mixing of icons, but now have a defined color palette and new icon set that looks great.

Goodbye forever GTK2

Xfce 4 16

Another major change is that they finally broomed the code and removed support for the old GTK2, and it's moving on full GTK3 adoption to modernize the interface. Something especially relevant now that we even have the launch of the new GTK 4.0 among us.

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With Xfce 4.16 window manager updated and it was improved at the GLX level and the composition area. Now the Alt-Tab dialog is shown only on the primary screen. Another one that got updated was the Thunar file manager, and now it lets you do things like pause copying and moving files.

Launch panel

A new dashboard plugin has been added to make it easier to configure the systray area and status notifications, and there is also a new dialog for the default apps.

It is a version that complements very well what had been advanced with Xfce 4.14, but with special attention to the user interface, put aside the burden of GTK2, and modernize more. You can see the full list of changes and the tour from the official community website.

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