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the latest version of the year brings native support for Apple Silicon and says goodbye to Flash forever

We can now download Firefox 84, the latest Mozilla browser update for the remainder of the year. Is about a version with a few important new features, especially on macOS.

Firefox 84 is the First Firefox with native support for Apple's new M1 chips, unlike version 83 that was offered through emulation, so users with these computers will notice a significant performance boost.

Mozilla says that Firefox 84 is up to 2.5 times faster than Firefox 83 on Apple Silicon. MacOS users with a Mac M1 should see a "dramatic improvement" in performance compared to the previous version of the browser.

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Goodbye forever Flash

Firefox 84

This version of Firefox is also the last to support Adoble Flash, the end of the agony of this plugin will come in January 2021 when Mozilla launches Firefox 85, with which there will no longer be options to rehabilitate the plugin.

Firefox 84 also lands with the news that WebRender is now active by default on Linux / GNOME / X11, and the rendering engine is also available in macOS Big Sur and in Windows on computers with 5th and 6th generation Intel GPUs.

Other new features include the optional permission manager for add-ons, allowing enable or disable individual permissions for extensions. In general Firefox 84 should be faster and more responsive across all desktop platforms, but especially on Mac.