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The iPhone 12 falls to its greatest enemy: dirt

The resistance to dust seems not to be working at all in the new Apple terminals.

It is not being a launch without controversy that of the iPhone 12. Apple's decision to exclude the charger and headphones in the box of its new smartphones, other problems have been added such as the battery life to play or the criticisms of voices as authoritative as the founder of Telegram.

To all this are now added the complaints of numerous users who point out design deficiencies of the screen frames that provoke in them accumulation of dust. Apparently, the iPhone 12 have by default a space between the screen and the frame, in which a card fits, and that gets dirty frequently and is also very complex to clean.

A problem that affects the entire series .. and more

iPhone 12 Pro Blue

The iPhone 12 in blue.

At first it was speculated that this problem only affected the iPhone 12, but over the days they have been appearing more complaints from users who had bought the other models in the series, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Although every time Apple is mentioned, the information runs like wildfire and is magnified, the truth is that the phones of the Cupertino company They are not the only ones to suffer from this disease. The aforementioned space between the screen and its brand has also been talked about and a lot in the Pixel 5 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

hollow iphone 12 frame screen

Gap in iPhone 12 between frame and screen. Image from Apple's forum on their website.

So why all the fuss? We understand that the controversy comes because many people consider this a design flaw inadmissible on such high priced phones. Likewise, others speculate that this small hole may decrease the water resistance of the phone although, obviously, it is not. All of these smartphones, including Apple's, have passed strict quality controls to determine its degree of resistance to water and this awkward and tiny space is not a setback or a weak point.