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The interpreter mode of the Google Assistant comes to Google Play to open it more easily

About a year ago, the Google Assistant became your great ally when trying to communicate with other people: it included an interpreter mode, with which you can translate simultaneously between two languages without the need to open Google Translate.

The way to open the interpreter mode of the Google Assistant involves using a voice command in the style of "I want you to be my English translator" and now there is a simpler way: installing your own application, already on Google Play, but that is basically a shortcut to the same thing.

Interpreter mode, on Google Play


Google has published in its application store the application of the interpreter mode of Google or, rather, a shortcut to it. The application occupies less than 500 KB and is basically an access for open Google Assistant directly in interpreter mode, without the need to issue any commands first.

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The movement is a bit strange, because from the Google Assistant's own interpreter mode you can create a shortcut on the home screen from the device by tapping the mobile icon with an arrow after opening it. However, it may be useful in some situations where you need it to be an app and not a shortcut.


This Assistant Interpreter app is published on Google Play as a first version which is not available in almost any country, although it is possible to install it from an APK file. At the moment, it is a direct access without more, although it is possible that in the future the app will improve including some extras.

To tell the truth, this from publish "parts" of the Google application as separate applications It is not something totally new, since Google previously published its Podcasts and Google Lens app so there will be a reason behind it, although it is not obvious at first glance.

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Google Assistant - Interpreter Mode

Google Assistant - Interpreter Mode