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The Government finally has a website that allows you to know what limitations and restrictions of movement are in your community

A little over a month ago we talked about how four students had to arrive to do https://quecovid.es, a website that told us data such as how much was left until the end of the state of alarm and, above all, what you can and cannot do in each community, drinking from official sources.

Now, finally, the Government already has a website with the updated measures, and we can see everything at a glance. You have arrived late, but at a crucial moment, well It is expected that in the next few days millions of people will move on the occasion of Christmas. Let's see what we can see in it.

All the information that interests us for Christmas, at a glance


The Government has used a tool like Datawrapper to show on a map of Spain the limitations of the autonomous communities visually, separating into four groups according to measurements:

  • Perimeter limitation of the community, other territorial units, night traffic and social groups.

  • Perimeter limitation of the community, night traffic and social groups.

  • Limitation of other territorial units, of nighttime circulation and of social groups.

  • Limitation of nighttime circulation and social groups.

On that basis, when hovering over each community, lthe web informs us of what can be done in them. For example, in Extremadura he tells us the following, indicating that for more information, consult the Official Gazette of Extremadura, to which he links:

Community perimeter limitation: No

Perimeter limitation of other territorial units: Restrictions in the municipality of Mirandilla.

Limitation of nocturnal circulation: Between 00:00 and 6:00 hours. Exception: travel until 01:30 on the nights of 18 to 19, from 24 to 25 and from 31 to 1.

Limitation of social groups: Maximum of 10 people at Christmas lunches and dinners.

Community Table

Beyond that, if we do scroll we arrive at a table where we can see absolutely all the data that of each community. This is especially interesting to know what mobility exists, and if you can leave one to enter another due to the displacement of family and friends. In some cases it is nuanced and in others the answer to whether there is a perimeter closure of the community is "Yes" or "No".

Our plan for Christmas Eve dinner is to do a PCR test and self-confine ourselves before getting together as a family.

In the table we can click on one of the variables, for example on "From social groups", where the maximum limitation of people per meeting is classified. Thus, we can see that lThe strictest autonomous communities or cities are Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, with a maximum of 4 people usually. In the rest of the cases there are 6, except for the Christmas exceptions.

More information | Development of the State of Alarm in the Autonomous Communities