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The Government announces that it will invest 600 million euros in a new work plan that will be based on Artificial Intelligence

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced ENIA, the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence with a public investment of 600 million euros during the period 2021-2023. It is one of the proposals that form a fundamental part of the 'Digital Spain 2025' Agenda.

The General State Budgets for 2021 provide 330 million euros for Artificial Intelligence and Data Economy. During his presentation Sánchez explained that "With artificial intelligence our job market will be transformed and the number of jobs will increase."

ENIA as part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Spanish economy


ENIA will seek to "generate an environment of trust regarding the development of an inclusive, sustainable Artificial Intelligence that puts citizens at the center." The strategy will try to boost technological developments that help to project the use of the Spanish language in the fields of application of AI.

But this strategy not only considers Artificial Intelligence in the field of scientific research, but also as an element that can be included in the operation of public services and the transparency of administrations.

The proposal even proposes using AI to address major social challenges such as the gender gap, the digital divide, and the ecological transition.

Digital Spain 2025: the "transcendental" Government plan to promote new technologies and mobilize 140,000 million euros

The objectives of the strategy

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ENIA has seven objectives, among which stand out position Spain as a country committed to promoting scientific excellence and innovation in Artificial Intelligence. In addition to this, the Government wants Spain to be a leader in promoting the use of the Spanish language in the fields of application of AI.

Job creation It is another of the fundamental objectives of the strategy, promoting the creation of qualified employment with a boost in the education and training of professionals, not only stimulating national talent but also attracting talent from outside.

"Universities must play a central role in the university support of a Network of Excellence in AI"

The strategy will also look for ways to incorporate AI in Spanish companies and in the Public Administration to improve productivity, promote inclusive and sustainable AI, promote the debate on humanistic values ​​in AI, and generate an environment of trust at the regulatory and social level.

This is how the EU wants to regulate and at the same time promote the use of artificial intelligence for the benefit of society

Among the lines of action is the creation of the Spanish Network of Excellence in AI that it will maintain research and training programs. In addition, the reinforcement of the system of pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research contracts is proposed to attract researchers.

The scientific trajectory of the research staff in AI will be made more flexible, the creation of new national centers for technological development, a program to help companies develop solutions in AI and data will be launched, the network of Digital Innovation Centers will be strengthened at the level of research in AI, and the Program for Missions of R & D & I in AI will be created .

The Government believes that with ENIA it will be possible to better prepare the Spanish productive fabric to boost its competitiveness, not only at the European level but also internationally.