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The Google Assistant is now integrated into all wired headphones

Many modern wireless headphones integrate to some extent with the Google Assistant, sometimes with a dedicated button or by holding down one of the play buttons. From now on the same applies to wired headphones, as long as they have a button to interact (which, on the other hand, is the usual thing in mobile headphones).

The next time you connect the headphones to the mobile, either with a minijack or with a USB-C connector, you may receive a notification from the Google Assistant to configure its use in the headphones. With this wizard, you can do have the Assistant read you notifications, in addition to interacting with it using the button on the headphones.

The Assistant, in your headphones

After conquering the phone screen, smart devices like Google Nest and a good part of wireless headphones, the Google Assistant also sets out to conquer wired headphones, either with the lifelong minijack or with a USB-C connector.

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The only requirement is that such headphones have a button, since the way to interact with the Assistant will be by pressing said button. If you connect headphones that meet the requirements to your mobile, you will receive a notification where you can start configuring the Assistant integration.


The configuration is very simple, although the configuration wizard serves the double function of explaining how the system works. What you will have to do is give permission to the Google app to read your notificationsAlthough if you don't want the Assistant to read your notifications, you can skip this step.

Another optional step allows you receive personal results -those that refer to your calendar or specific things on your account- with the mobile blocked. It is also optional, so if you don't want to, you can press No thanks.


This done, the Assistant is ready to use with the wired headphones. Since then, you can use the buttons on the headphones to control music playback, as always, but you will also activate the Google Assistant by making a long touch on the button.

When you get a notification, the Assistant will read it to you on the headphonesIn addition to being able to manually ask the Assistant to read pending notifications if you make a long touch for 2 seconds. With a shorter touch of 1 second, the Assistant goes into listening mode.

Spoken notifications

In this way, you can perform complex actions with the Google Assistant, such as reply to WhatsApp messages by dictating them to the Assistant. To answer the questions the Assistant asks you, such as when it asks if you want to reply to a message, you must press the button on the headset to reply.

An interesting option is that from the Assistant settings, in the section Devices with the Assistant - Wired Headsets, you can choose from which applications you want the Assistant to read notifications and which not.

Via | Android Police