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The Google Assistant activates your new design to everyone

There are few things Google likes more than slightly modifying the look of the Google Assistant. During the last months we have seen how it received a more compact design and after many tests, now the new one is being activated for all users design with a light bar.

You will not need to have a Google Pixel to have the new design of the Google Assistant, and this new look seems to be activating all users regardless of whether you use the beta version of the Google app or not.

Light bar instead of little circles

What happens when you press the button to launch the Google Assistant depends on your mobile. In some the edges of the screen are highlighted as when you take a screenshot and in others it just appears, without more. What changes is the Wizard window itself, which has finally chosen to a more compact design that does not occupy the full height of the screen.

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This design has been "in tests" for a few months, although the latest innovation is the standardization of the light bar, at the bottom of the window. It is the equivalent of colored circles that moved and reacted to sound to indicate that the Google Assistant was listening to you.


These little circles disappear and change by a horizontal color bar which reacts to sound and transforms to the Assistant logo as soon as you finish speaking. This bar is available in both light and dark theme.

It is not the only change, and it is that the Wizard's welcome screen can be expand to show some suggestions extra to ask the Assistant, in addition to having a simpler design where several buttons have been reorganized and the "updates for you" one removed

Via | 9to5Google