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the fun hide and seek game that is sweeping the Play Store

2020 and playing hide and seek, who was going to say. One of the most installed games of the week on Android is Object Hunt, a curious bet on hiding in a quite different format. With simple graphics to run on virtually any phone, it is a fun game with quick games to kill time anywhere.

We are going to tell you how Object Hunt is and how to play, a game that already exceeds half a million downloads and accumulates a score of 4.4 stars. To hide!

The hideout in quite a different format

Hiding place

Object Hunt is a simple game: one keeps it and the rest has to hide. The main point of the game is that we are in an office, and we become elements of it to go unnoticed.

The grace of the game is that we become furniture, and we have to camouflage them between the maps so that they do not find us

That is, we will become a chair, table, toilet, refrigerator or any object. What we have to do is to hide to go unnoticed by whatIf, for example, we are a chair, it is a good idea to stand in front of a table so as not to raise suspicions (if you are a refrigerator in front of a table, for example, they will easily know that you are a player).

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If we have to catch rivals, we will have 30 seconds to do it, slapping around the map to find them. As you will see, they are quite short games, so we can have a good time without the need for games that take us too long.

As we progress through the game we unlock more time to hide, running speed and hide before, greater rewards. The game is free, although it has some advertising.

Object hunt

Object hunt