the first great experiment to premiere outside the cinema is over

In August of this year, one of the shadows of this strange year jumped: Disney announced that it would premiere 'Mulan' directly on Disney +, skipping theaters. It was the first time they did it for a big premiere, because of the COVID-19 crisis that forced to temporarily close many rooms.

Disney chose not to wait for the health situation to improve, and gained muscle with its new platform allowing to see the premiere from Disney +, where until now it has asked for 21.99 euros to be able to see it from subscribers who also pay 6.99 euros per month. Starting today, as the company announced, subscribers will be able to view it for free. We will have to wait to see what the price is on the other digital rental and sale platforms where it was also offered at a price of 21.99 euros.

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Mulan Disney Plus

'Mulán' was not a premiere at the height of other Disney, like the last of 'Avengers' or 'Star Wars', but in the climate of 2020, it did see itself as one capable of bringing people to theaters, especially after Disney investing more than 200 million dollars in it. Everything changed when it was announced that it would not go to cinemas. The decision did not please the cinema industry at all, which was already touched.

Our colleagues from Espinof collected statements from those involved. "It is a mortal blow to the cinemas," said one of the theater owners, highlighting that the measure showed more than ever that Disney and other large companies no longer needed the classic distribution channel.

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Disney has not given much data, but its CEO, Bob Chapek, assured that it has not been a failure. In fact, 'Soul', the star premiere of the year from the Pixar factory, can be seen on Christmas Day for free on the platform, as long as we are subscribers.

In October we learned that streaming is going to be a priority for Disney in entertainment, and the films will go to theaters or skip them through Disney + as appropriate. In the absence of seeing how everything comes together, Disney has shown that it is no longer afraid of the change of model established for decades, and it is not a minor thing, being the great animator of the market in recent years.