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The developer who added stories to VSCode to teach programming has sold the plugin because it was filled with ... porn

The story format o stories it has even crept into the soup. What used to be something from Snapchat that would later be copied to Instagram, now we even have it on Twitter and Spotify. But perhaps one of the places where you would least expect it is in a code editor like Visual Studio Code.

Well, that was exactly what the developer Ben awad achieved with his Stories plugin for VSCode. As a joke, as an exercise, and also to share code segments with other developers and learn. However, Ben has announced that he sold the plugin, and the reasons are more than interesting.

"I made the mistake of trusting humanity"

Awad explains in a video on his YouTube channel that at the beginning everything was great, people were downloading and using the plugin having fun sharing code GIFs. However, his mistake was, in his own words, "trusting humanity". "Most people are fine, but there are always some bad apples that screw things up for everyone."

What he means by this is that someone reverse engineered their API (which he explains is pretty simple) and managed to make it possible to post anything, not just GIFs of the code. So They started posting porn on VSCode Stories, and it was popping up everywhere.

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When Ben realized this, he stopped the servers and deleted the databases and spent some time developing a filter to determine if something was adult content or not. Something that it worked for about 5 or 10 minutes nothing more.


Ben sold the extension to someone else for $ 9,000 and hopes that Bill Gates or Microsoft will buy the next one from him;)

The "funniest" thing is that these people were also using Awad's profile picture, so If someone went to see their stories in VSCode they would find a NSFW surprise instead of a bit of code.

While Ben was experimenting with various solutions to try to filter the pornographic content, or prevent it from being uploaded in the first place, someone contacted him asking if he was interested in selling the plugin, and how he was already suffering with the little time he had to dedicate to it, especially With this porn downside, she decided she would.

For this developer the moral of the story is that you will never again create something where images can be shared anonymously.

Via | David ortiz