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The BEST wallpapers for your mobile (TOP updated)

Change your home screen with the best free mobile wallpapers that you can download.

This is our weekly section with the best wallpapers for your mobile. There are many of you who ask about the wallpapers that appear in our mobile reviews, those that we use in our day to day and that we have carefully selected.

Although a good magician never reveals his tricks, in this case the credit is not ours, and as the weeks go by we will show you, not only our favorite mobile wallpapers, but the places where you can find some of the best quality images from all over the internet, to be able to use them as wallpaper on your mobile phone, tablet, computer or any other device.

Every week, we update this article to bring you new background images, along with their corresponding download links and a recommendation of a wallpaper source where you can discover hundreds of new ones. wallpapers free. The themes are varied, so you will find backgrounds of all kinds and in different sizes and resolutions so that they adapt perfectly to the panel of any device.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 screen on

Looking for a wallpaper like this? You have come to the right place.

Mobile wallpapers: our favorites

Before continuing, we remind you that we also have a complete guide with customization tricks on Android, as well as other selections of wallpapers that may interest you:

Week of 11/20/2020

We enter the month of December, and it is time to give a change of scenery to our home screen. To do this, what better way than collecting a new selection of wallpapers for mobile, tablet, computer or any device with a screen.

Week of 11/23/2020

You have come to the most suitable place if what you are looking for is to give a change of scenery to the home screen of your mobile.

Because one more week, we select the best wallpapers for mobile that you can download, in high quality and, of course, totally free.

Week of 11/16/2020

Here are the best backgrounds for your mobile. As every week, we select a total of twelve images High quality that you can use on your mobile, computer, tablet or any other device with a screen.

Week of 11/02/2020

We start November with our weekly selection of wallpapers. As usual, we select twelve high quality images that you can download and use as a wallpaper on your mobile or tablet.

Week of 10/26/2020

In the last week of October, we return with a new selection of wallpaper images that you can download for free and in high quality to your mobile.

Week of 10/19/2020

Taking advantage of the arrival of autumn, this week's selection could not but follow a autumnal theme. We have selected it twelve best wallpapers with this style that you can download for free on your Android mobile, all of them in high quality.

Week of 10/12/2020

As we prepare for Halloween –with their respective collection of themed wallpapers–, we return one more day to our selection of wallpapers high quality for mobile that you can download for free. As usual, you can see the funds in the gallery on these lines, and download them in the Google Drive folder that we link below.

Week of 10/05/2020

We landed in the month of October, and returned with a new collection of wallpapers for mobile that you can download for free.

Week of 09/28/2020

We do not miss our appointment with the best wallpapers for mobileNot even in the last week of September, when half the world has already said goodbye to summer. In this first selection of fall wallpapers, we chose 12 high quality images that you can download for your mobile or tablet.

Week of 09/07/2020

Already in September, we started a new course with new wallpapers that you can download to your mobile. As usual, all of them can be free download and in high resolution on your mobile, tablet or PC.

Wallpapers from previous weeks