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The best apps and games of 2020 for macOS, iOS and iPad OS, according to Apple

Every time we are closer to the end of December, and that means that more and more listings with "the best of the year" will appear. Precisely, a few hours ago Apple made its classic compilation of the best apps and games of the last 12 months.

In a press release, Apple "celebrates 15 of the amazing apps and games that inspired the world in 2020As expected, we will find apps and games for macOS, iOS, iPad OS, Apple TV and watchOS.

"This year, more than ever, some of our most creative and connected moments happened in apps."

They are words of Phil Schiller, Apple's Director of Worldwide Product Marketing, who remarks that in this selection we will find "15 outstanding examples of innovation".

Best apps and games of 2020, according to Apple

Apple has chosen Fantastical as "Mac app of the year"Developed by Flexibits, this tool (which is also available for iOS and iPad OS) is one of the most complete when it comes to managing our calendars and tasks.

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Continuing with macOS, Apple has chosen 'Disco Elysium' as best Mac game of the year. In this game we will have to play a self-destructive drunk and now we have to deal with the consequences of "our" previous actions.

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Windows 7 refuses to die: since the end of support there is a transfer to Windows 10, but more slowly than before

As to the best app for iOS, Apple has chosen Wakeout !, an app that encourages us to do physical activities throughout the day (ideal for a year of exercising indoors, something essential has been done).

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IPad OS App of the Year It is also closely related to the pandemic, as Apple has chosen Zoom. This platform has experienced unprecedented growth since last March.

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The complete list of best apps of 2020, organized by platforms, is as follows:

  • Best iPhone app: Wakeout!

  • Best iPad app: Zoom

  • Best app on Mac: Fantastical

  • Best Apple TV app: Disney +

  • Best Apple Watch app: Endel

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Regarding games, This is the top of this year according to Apple:

  • Best Game for iPhone: 'Genshin Impact'

  • Best Game for iPad: 'Legends of Runeterra'

  • Best game for the Mac: 'Disco Elysium'

  • Best Game for Apple TV: 'Dandara Trials of Fear'

  • Best Apple Arcade Game: 'Sneaky Sasquatch'

Streaming movies, sports, wellness, video calls ... many of this year's selections have a lot to do with the exceptional situation we have experienced. It seems that Apple has taken this into account when giving life to this top, betting on the growing trend of apps designed to simplify and enrich our lives.